Not all fuels are created equal! When searching for a low-carbon heating fuel, you want to make sure it is highly tested and regulated. After all, it is keeping your family safe and warm. Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel are highly researched and controlled fuels. They uphold the highest standards of quality and production to ensure optimal performance, elevated efficiency, and guaranteed safety.

FAQs about Bioheat® Fuel Quality

Q: Are there standards to call a fuel “Bioheat® fuel”?

A: Yes. In order for a fuel to be called Bioheat® fuel, it can only be made with ASTM D6751 grade biodiesel. ASTM International is a group that sets technical standards for the global industry; D6751 is the specification for 100% biodiesel fuel (B100).

Q: How can I be sure my Bioheat® fuel is a quality product?

A: Biodiesel producers and Bioheat® fuel suppliers have spent more than $100 million in research and development over the past decade to ensure that quality product is delivered to your door every time. Bioheat® fuel is the only renewable replacement for traditional heating fuel that has its own ASTM specification, which is created by consensus, by engineers across the industry and around the world.

Q: Is Bioheat® fuel tested for quality standards?

A: Yes. Bioheat® fuel has been thoroughly tested by the most prominent fuel research organizations in the world. Independent studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the US Department of Agriculture have shown that ASTM-grade biodiesel can blend seamlessly in traditional heating fuel with even greater benefits to performance, human health, energy security, and global climate change.

Bioheat® fuel has been endorsed by, among others, the Oilheat Manufacturers Association, the National Oilheat Research Alliance, and all the regional energy marketers’ associations shown below.

Q: Will Bioheat® fuel be a part of the renewable energy landscape?

A: Yes, on local, national, and global levels, commitment to renewable energy standards and increasing demand for cleaner fuel alternatives leave little doubt that the transition to renewable fuels is not a market trend but a worldwide movement gaining traction by the day. With Bioheat® fuel, the future of home comfort is here.


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