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Canoe Safety Tips

Canoes are made from high-quality products. Canoe trips have become one of the activities that many couples and families choose to spend their leisure time thus relieving stress from everyday life. Traveling the waterway while hearing the river and other stories related to the history of the people around the area could be one of the adventurous moments. It has therefore gained much more popularity within a very short period of time. Different stores have also been set up to offer trips that have been brought about by the increased demands. They will therefore have different rates that they charge for a single trip. This may be dictated by the trip length and also the period to be spent on the water. One may even buy or rent a canoe. Different shops may also have different sorts of discounts on their prices. This may be in the case of groups such as church groups, social groups, civil groups, and many more others. Other discounts may be for the local residents. There are different precautions for an enjoyable canoe trip. The briefing should therefore be done by the experts before these trips commence. However, this article has some of the safety tips that need to be followed;

An individual should not jump into the water. Diving may be dangerous. The water contained in the river may be foggy. This may make it very hard for an individual to see the bottom. Such an incidence may lead to panicking. At long last, an accident may follow. It is therefore important to always wear life jackets. Other personal protective equipment such as a personal floatation device should be used when one is on and around the water. This makes it comfortable especially when one is paddling.

One is also advised to always review river maps. This is critical as it will help avoid dangerous situations much easier. Also, it will enable a person to have the ability to deal effectively with emergencies as they are well equipped with emergency routes. Another advantage is that one will also be able to select a paddling spot that has lesser traffic and that which is sheltered from the wind and waves. These spots are thus easily accessible since they have minimal motorboat traffic.

Do not drink and paddle. Alcoholic drinks are not encouraged. They should thus not be consumed when one is paddling. Also, one should not be given the chance of paddling if they had consumed any of the alcoholic substances before. This should be adhered to as it is a major contributor to most accidents. Buying drinking water that is stored in non-breakable containers is encouraged. One is advised to therefore lock these substances in their cars and consume them later after their adventures on the water.

Lastly, always carry a litter bag with you. This will enable one to avoid littering water streams that may lead to contamination. Litter bags should thus be used to store litters for their appropriate disposal. Shoes should be worn and sandals avoided.

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